Summit Junto FAQ

Should you have any questions not answered below, please feel free to email them to

Are Summit Junto retreats included in the membership fee?
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The costs associated with Summit Junto Group retreats are not included in your membership fee. We do offer exclusive rates to the breathtaking locations Summit has access to through our Destination Directory.

As a Summit Junto member, you can utilize this Destination Directory for a Group retreat or for personal travel. In the near future, we will also be offering more casual local meetup events to members at no additional cost.

What is the time commitment of membership in Summit Junto?
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As a member of Summit Junto, you commit to participate in (2) 2-hour Forum meetings per month for the first 2 months. After the second month, we recommend that your group switches to a 2-hour meeting once per month. You also receive access to auxiliary programming opportunities exclusive to Summit Junto throughout the year.

What is the Orientation for Summit Junto? Is it required?
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Orientation for Summit Junto occurs at the virtual Opening Plenary associated with your Summit Junto Cohort. This Opening Plenary is required for participation in Summit Junto.

The Opening Plenary will set the tone for the year to come, establish expectations, onboard you to the new experience, and train you in what makes a successful Summit Junto member. In addition to setting proper expectations, the intention of this experience is to foster more connections outside of your smaller Summit Junto Group.

How does scheduling work with a Junto Group?
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Availability is one of many factors that we take into consideration when curating your Summit Junto Group. All professionally facilitated sessions will be held during specific times to accommodate our busy community.

We recommend that your Summit Junto Group honors a regular meeting cadence (e.g. the first Monday of every month) and will support you and your Group in identifying a cadence that works for all members as needed. 

When will my credit card be charged?
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We collect your credit card details and charge the full membership after your registration has been confirmed. Your membership begins immediately, giving you access to virtual events and benefits. At this time, we also begin the curation process to get your Group paired as quickly as possible.

What is the Summit Junto Code of Conduct?
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This Code of Conduct is designed to help ensure a safe environment for Summit Junto members to share, learn, and build meaningful relationships. All members must abide by the following policies, which herein comprise the Summit Junto Code of Conduct.

The fundamental pillar of Summit Junto is confidentiality. You must honor the privacy and confidentiality of members and their experiences. Everything shared within your Group is strictly confidential unless otherwise indicated with the explicit consent of your fellow Summit Junto members.

  • Be kind and act with integrity.

  • Uphold Summit Junto's safe space — encourage open sharing of ideas and perspectives.

  • Be punctual, fully present, and participatory.

  • Do not harass anyone sexually, verbally or otherwise.

  • Do not discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, etc.

  • Do not solicit members unless invited to do so.

  • Accept and embrace the diversity of perspectives across the Summit Junto community.

  • As a community, we are constantly learning, unlearning, and growing. Together, we maintain trust and safety by holding clear boundaries and committing to the Code of Conduct.

Members must affirm each year that they understand and commit to the Code of Conduct. Violations of this code could result in a loss of membership without refund of annual membership fee.

How do I access the Summit Junto member portal? 
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The Summit Junto member portal can be accessed here by signing in with your email and password.

Where do I find resources and formats for my Group?
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You can find resources and formats by logging into the Summit Junto member portal here.

From the Summit Junto Welcome page, click “Resources.” Here you will find information regarding membership, meeting formats, and various other resources to support your Group along its journey.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
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Our Member Experience Team is here to support you and your Group throughout your membership cycle. You can reach them at with any questions or requests.

What is the renewal process?
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Your Summit Junto membership will begin on the date of your Cohort Launch, which starts with a virtual Opening Plenary. After completion of the first year, your membership will continue automatically. We will send you an email reminder of renewal and payment 60 days before we charge your method of payment for the membership rate at that time.

Of course, your participation is voluntary. If you elect not to contribute to your Summit Junto Group as required, or you wish to leave Summit Junto or your Group, you may do so by sending a non-renewal email to or updating your membership information via the member portal no fewer than 45 days before the end of the year to remain in good standing. You will not receive a refund or any amount of your payment upon your early departure.

What is the cancellation policy?
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Upon acceptance into Summit Junto, membership fees are non-refundable. Event transfers are not eligible for refunds. Not showing up to Summit Junto Meetings can result in your membership being canceled with no refund.

What does my Summit Junto membership include?
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Summit Junto Curriculum

The Summit Junto curriculum has been developed by a team of social scientists, personal and professional development experts and is optimized for Summit’s high octane leadership community. The annual flow follows that of a Summit event, opening and deepening as time unfolds. Includes four facilitated meetings per year. 

Summit Junto Member Excursions

Summit Junto membership includes access to exclusive small group travel excursions available only to Summit Junto members. Our travel excursions focus on the signature Summit balance of adventure, thought leadership, health and happiness, culinary and culture.

Summit Junto Sessions + Workshops

Summit Junto hosts a series of exclusive virtual workshops. These workshops invite our Summit Junto members to go deep with featured thought leaders and subject matter experts all with the aim of supporting our people to live their best and biggest lives. 

Summit Junto Connect

We wholeheartedly believe meaningful connections make the world a better place and we love nothing more than connecting great people with one another. All you have to do is ask.

Destination Directory for Group Retreats

We encourage all of our Summit Junto Groups to get together in person at least one time per year. We have curated a series of exceptional hotels, destinations and retreat experiences with special Summit Junto pricing so that your groups can travel together and meet, play, learn and grow. 


Summit Junto is hosting intimate dinner parties, salons and experiences in cities across the country.

Luminary Directory for Group Immersions

Summit Junto members can access our Luminary Directory, a database of some of the most exceptional Summit thought leaders, who are available to be booked at Summit Junto member rates for virtual and in-person Summit Junto Group experiences. This may include expert doctors, business coaches, psychologists, social scientists, entertainers, wellness practitioners and more.

Annual Summit Junto Member Event

Every year Summit Junto will be hosting an annual event exclusively for Summit Junto members. Details about the destination, dates and fees will be announced in early 2022. 

Summit Series Flagship Priority Booking & Exclusive Summit Junto Track

As Summit Series flagship events commence, Summit Junto members will have access to exclusive intimate dialogues with our keynote speakers, Summit Junto dinners and other specialized gatherings.

What factors do you account for when curating a Group?
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We’ve taken what we’ve learned over the last decade of gathering people and distilled it into our Summit Junto forum curation process. The results are highly-personalized advisory boards that create a unique environment for members to give each other tailored advice and genuine support. We take many factors into consideration when curating your personal board of advisors. Some include:

  • Industry & Interests - Groups are curated to ensure there is enough overlap to be effective and connected, yet different enough in order to grow from various viewpoints and areas of expertise. 

  • Stage of Career - The Summit Junto curation team does their best to ensure people of a similar stage in their profession are grouped together. The ability to network, empathize and intimately understand one another’s challenges is a key selling point for individuals. 

  • Schedule -  Similar availability in timezones which align. This is a vital aspect to the success of any Summit Junto Group.