Summit Junto FAQ

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What is Summit Junto?
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Summit Junto is our year-round platform where our community gathers to systematically make change in their lives, seek sustained growth and create impact in the world. Summit Junto focuses its energy and offerings on the belief that small groups make big change, and that aligning passions and purpose in a community of like-minded individuals is key to success.

What are the membership criteria?
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All members must meet the below criteria:

  1. A referenceable biography that demonstrates you are a leader in your field

  2. Demonstrating a level of complexity as a leader of a team or group  

  3. Plus one or more of the following: 

    1. Currently a principal leader in a business that has raised at least $2mm in capital

    2. Present or past principal leader of a business with an enterprise value of at least $25mm

    3. Demonstrate a commitment to cause or impact aligned to the UN SDGs

    4. Have attended at least one Summit Series global event

What are Summit Junto Forums?
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Summit Junto expertly builds Forums of 5-7 members who are committed to personal and professional transformation. Forum is a journey where, along with your group, you can access and share applied experience and wisdom on your life’s biggest challenges and opportunities, driving exceptional personal and professional outcomes to help shape your life for long term fulfillment. Think about your Forum as your closest, most trusted collaborators; people who are committed to sharing their expert perspectives, curious minds, and diverse inputs to help you live your biggest life. Summit Junto Forum thrives with reciprocity: the more you give, the more you get.

How do you curate Forums?
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The more diverse the inputs, the greater the outputs. We curate Forums to have a balance of aligned ambition and experience, optimizing for different perspectives so members learn and grow into their deepest potential. We purposely do not design echo chambers.

What does Summit Junto Forum include?
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  • Dedicated Forum

  • Onboarding and Forum Essentials Trainings [how many times a year? 4?]

  • Expertly Facilitated Sessions and access to a multidisciplinary roster of

  • Summit Junto Forum Facilitators

  • Proven formats, agendas and tools intentionally introduced based on the Forum’s goals

  • Access to Summit Junto Immersions and Core City events

  • Access to Summit Junto Retreat resources

  • Access to an active, online global community committed to bettering themselves and collectively bettering our shared world

  • Summit Junto track and priority booking access at Summit Series Flagship events

  • Ongoing Summit Junto Community Team support

How long is my Summit Junto Forum experience?
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Summit Junto Forum is designed as a multi-year experience that deepens and evolves to support each Forum in accomplishing their biggest visions together. The work to grow and deepen our relationship with ourselves and with others never ends, and we foster an environment to help each other expand and evolve. Billing cycles are annual.

What is the time commitment of being in a Summit Junto Forum?
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Your commitment to yourself and your Forum is a recommended 2-hour Forum meeting per month, as well as an additional few hours per month to complete any pre-work needed for your meeting.

After that, It’s highly recommended that your Forum comes together at least once per year in-person to retreat and supercharge the Forum. To get the most out of your experience, we recommend you commit to yourself, to your Forum, and to this process for at least one year. However, we often see the most growth as Forums move into a place of true physiological safety as time goes on.

How much is Summit Junto Forum?
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Summit Junto Forum is $5000 annually. There is a $500 one time initiation fee. 

When can I join Summit Junto Forum?
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We launch off new Cohorts of Forums quarterly — generally starting in March, June, September, and December. You can apply here to find out more about our next start date. You can apply here.

Are Summit Junto retreats included in the membership fee?
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The costs associated with Summit Junto group retreats are not included in your membership fee. We offer support and resources for your Forum to come together at least once per year. Our Summit Junto quarterly Immersions are a great opportunity for Forums to leverage the facilitatory resources we have on-site for an in-person meeting and also seamlessly come together for a group retreat. As a member, you can utilize the Destination Directory for exclusive rates to breathtaking locations for Forum retreats or for personal travel.

What is the cancellation policy?
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Upon acceptance into Summit Junto, membership fees are non-refundable. Your Forum is full of very busy humans and commitment is fundamental to the Forum process. Not showing up to your Summit Junto Meetings can result in your membership being canceled with no refund. If you do not wish to renew your yearly membership, you must cancel within 60 days of your renewal date.

Summit Junto Immersion cancellations are not eligible for refund, but they are eligible for credit transfer.